We grow a stronger economy and a cleaner environment.


We build better homes and stronger communities.


We empower individuals and families to transform their lives.

Cinque Terre
“We used to plant and harvest only vegetables and rice. But in between planting and harvesting, we do not earn. Because of BASE, we now earn the whole year harvesting bamboo. Now, my family can eat 3 meals a day and we can send our youngest child to school”


Cinque Terre
“We lost our previous house to a very strong typhoon. In this house, we feel SAFE. Now, We don’t have to think of the expenses for the rent and so it’s easier to send our children to school. The school is near the community and even the jobs are accessible”

Raffy Rampah, Beneficiary – Bagong Silangan

Cinque Terre
Not only are we giving a bright future to a community of 50 families with the beautiful homes but even more, we are learning how bamboo, that is abundant in our province, can be a sustainable alternative to helping the homeless build strong and lasting homes.

Roberto Magalona, Gawad Kalinga Bacolod

Cinque Terre
“I am very excited about this project and I feel that this is a promising design with so many possibilities. I am very pleased to hear about the importance you give to researching the best sustainable materials to use for the poor. I feel our Visions are aligned. We too, continue to look for ways to be able to help them better.”

Luis Oquineña, Gawad Kalinga Executive Director